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1. Good foundations from personal boundaries

Mindfulness meditation has been found to have some success within helping buried, un-dealt with actions giving them space to surface, burn off and leave the doer relieved in themselves at least.


Tags: daily life, Strengthening your inner house series, challenges
By Paul Meek
2. Making a start on your inner house with mindfulness

I’ve been fortunate, as I, like many, had a lot of challenges growing up as a teenager; at the time I didn’t see it this way though! I was rather rebellious with long hair, highly strung, and towards the end of the teen years, experienced a very down unhappy period.


Tags: Meditation, challenges
By Paul Meek
3. Dependency cycles and decluttering the mind: a reflection

There is a remedy. If we start to listen inward again, something instinctual in us knows that the clutter isn't good. The dependency upon that clutter isn't healthy either. Try this if you'd like to make a start: Making a start

Tags: Meditation, letting go, challenges
By Paul Meek

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