How Simple Additions Can Add up to a More Balanced Yoga Practice

Many people pursue yoga with physical perks in mind, aiming for things like better strength, more flexibility, and improved joint health. However, with a balanced program, there are several ways it can also enhance your psychological wellness. From useful tech to mindfulness practices, here’s how to broaden and balance your practice to reap the full benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.



Turn to Tech

Yoga is something we normally associate with our inner nature, and less with outside influences such as technology. The two are not mutually opposed in some respects, though. We live in a tech-oriented age, and as a result, even staunch purists can benefit from some of the gadgetry that’s available. For instance, there are mindfulness apps to help with settling your thoughts. If you’re looking for more challenging poses, there are apps that help with that as well.


Those apps can help with setting daily, weekly, or monthly goals, which in turn will benefit your yoga practice and your life in general. With guidance and information at your fingertips, you can learn, grow, and advance yourself.


Rethink Phone Capabilities

If your phone is an oldie and won’t support the app of your choice, don’t let the expense of an upgrade stress you out. There are plenty of smartphones out there, and with the steady flow of changes in technology, there are always inexpensive ways to upgrade.

For example, some service providers allow you to trade in your old phone for a deal on a new iPhone 11. The chip is the fastest ever used in a phone, so you don’t have to worry about videos lagging, and the battery lasts all day, allowing you to stay in touch without lugging a charger around.

For those who prefer an Android, there are other terrific options available. Think about what features are important to you: Do you prefer a top-notch display for following along with yoga videos? Will you be streaming music for your sessions? Are you on the go from dawn till dusk, so battery life is critical? Make notes about the features you prefer, assess your budget, and you’re sure to find a solution.


Why Mindfulness Matters

It’s not unusual for someone to be tangled in outside thoughts as they go through a yoga routine. Contemplating your to-do list, an event at work or the kids’ school obligations are common concerns that can distract our minds from what we’re actually doing in the moment. Engaging in more mindfulness can reframe your perspective and settle your thoughts. You don’t even have to be participating in yoga to tune in; just learn some breathing exercises you can take with you anywhere.



Many people are confused about mindfulness, as the term is often used interchangeably with meditation. Mindfulness can keep you in the present, as you focus on what your senses are perceiving. Meditation differs in that it’s a journey, exploring the paths your mind and emotions take and learning more about what makes us go the directions we do.

Meditation is a healthy tool, too, and when you’re in a session, try to avoid zoning out. If that’s a struggle for you, once again, tech can help. As SoMuchYoga explains, following along online with guided meditations can be the key to maintaining your focus. A wandering mind is normal, and as you advance in your practice, it will become easier. Forgive yourself when it happens, and gently return to your meditation.

You may also like to try some guided meditations here at the Establish Mindfulness free Learning Centre Online, there is plenty of material to listen to and watch as well to help you develop.



Why Failure is Fine

All of us fail at times. As you progress in your journey, physical and mental failures are to be expected. Difficult poses, difficult days, and distractions can all get in the way of what you might think of as success. However, as Yogapedia points out, those so-called failures relate to your perspective. Learning is part of your journey, and if you only experience constant success, there would be no growth or balance.

Is your yoga practice a bit off-kilter? Look for tools to help with your progress, and reframe your perspective. These simple additions can help balance your practice, and you’ll enjoy a better quality of life as a result.


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