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What is this blog series about?
This blog offers reflections on mindfulness for readers to consider and put into practice.

There will be one new blog, every fortnight.

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1. Finding your inner integrity

There is good news though, that with a bit of mindfulness training and coming to understand how to set personal boundaries, integrity can naturally start to come out and get established.

Tags: Meditation, mindfulness, Strengthening your inner house series
By Paul Meek
2. 5 Ways to Get or Keep a Meditation Practice Going

Just doggedly coming back to the cushion, again and again, bringing your awareness back to the breath or the sensation of your body sitting again and again, and eventually, your view may lighten and meditation may suddenly - just for a few moments - seem lighter and more spacious.


Tags: Meditation, Strengthening your inner house series
By Paul Meek

Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2