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1. Finding your inner integrity

There is good news though, that with a bit of mindfulness training and coming to understand how to set personal boundaries, integrity can naturally start to come out and get established.

Tags: Meditation, mindfulness, Strengthening your inner house series
By Paul Meek
2. Reflections on strengthening your life with mindfulness

With stronger boundaries, one has less to dwell on in the past and more confidence that whatever arises in the future can be met and handled; one starts to naturally rest in the present moment and thus mindfulness becomes more natural at this point and can take on life's ups and downs more easily.


Tags: mindfulness, Strengthening your inner house series
By Paul Meek
3. Why Knowing the Four Postures is Useful to You

It is a very useful part of mindfulness because more often than not your body will be in one of them. So learning about these four postures means you can be mindful in most situations.

Tags: mindfulness, daily life
By Paul Meek
4. Simple Mindfulness in 3-Minutes

Mindfulness, in the beginning, is about getting out of the whizzing thoughts in your head and getting grounded in the present moment with your body. It is something you can learn because it is simply a case of practice...


Tags: mindfulness
By Paul Meek

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